Welcome to our classroom!

Here are a few pics of where we spend each day! Welcome to our classroom!

A view from the door

Writing station- Strategy posters will be added to the bulletin boards as they are introduced in class.

Our computer station.  Check out the Charlie Brown map! Sooo cute!

A close up of our clip chart-  The kids love that they are able to move their clips up for good behavior!

Reading Corner- Daily 5 anchor charts will be added to this bulletin board as we create them in class

Listening station- you can also see the students' mailboxes on the right. 

The Word Wall is up on the left.  This is our Calendar area/ Word Work station.  The felt board and magnetic easel are two areas students will complete word work activities.  There is also a pocket chart on the back of the bookshelf and overhead for other word work stations.

This is a better view of the Calendar area.  You can also see the overhead that is used for word work. 

Our class meeting area

I love my comfy chair!

A look at our small group table and my corner.

My Pinterest inspired project.  Love them!

I hope you enjoyed a look around our room! :)

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