Polar Express Day

The week before Christmas break, we have Polar Express Day at school. The kids talk about this day for weeks before because they love it so much. There are many activities on this day including comparing and contrasting the book and movie, the school-wide sing along, and enjoying hot chocolate.  The kids love to wear their pajamas to school as well.

Chinese New Year

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Miller planned a lesson in the library for us on Chinese New Year.  We learned what a legend is and read The Story of Chopsticks.  We talked about how Chinese New Year is different from our New Year, and some of the tradions of the Chinese.  Then, we tested our abilities with chopsticks with almonds, rice, and popcorn.  The kids had so much fun!


Back in December, we learned about a Hanukkah treat called Latkes.  We read the book, Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat: a Chanukah Story, and Mrs. Miller made Latkes for our class and Miss Martinez's class.  The yummy treat is similar to a fried potato pancake.  We tasted them with sour cream and applesauce.  MOST of the kids loved them and wanted seconds! 

Field Trip to the Dallas World Aquarium

On Monday March 7th, we went to the Dallas World Aquarium!  We had a FABULOUS time.  The kids enjoyed seeing some of the ocean creatures we have been studying about in our Ocean Unit.  The shark tunnel is always a favorite!  I am glad we all made it back to school without anyone falling in the shark tank! ;-) I will add photos after I have photo permission slips for our blog. 

Parents and grandparents that attended: Thank you for sharing this experience with us! We enjoyed having you and appreciate you going with us!

***Don't forget to join us on March 24th from 6:30 - 8:00 for Open House to see all of our hard work from the Ocean Unit!

Spelling Word Fun

Today we practiced our Spelling words on Spelling City.  This is a site that your child can access from home to help with their spelling.

Welcome to My Blog!

I hope this blog is useful to keep up with what is happening in your child's classroom!  I will be posting pictures of what we are working on in class, as well as websites, ideas, and tools for you to use at home to work with your child. Enjoy!