September 12th

Today we read this book:

This was my first year to discuss 9.11 in my classroom.  It was very interesting to hear what the kids have seen and heard either on TV or from talking to their families.  They were very impressed that a group of first graders wrote and illustrated this book.  :)  We briefly discussed the events of 9.11.  I wanted to focus more on how they thought first graders in 2001 felt, and how the book/ illustrations made us feel today.  We decided first graders in 2001 must have been scared, sad, and brave.  The illustrations litterally made the class speechless- for a few seconds (which is quite amazing for our little group!) Thier little chins dropped and they gasped.  I was very impressed and proud of our converstaion today about such a "grown-up" topic!

Place Value Initials

This week we have been discussing place value in math.  We are learning about ten longs and units and we have practiced by counting manipulatives.  The kids have done really well!  Today we made our initials out of paper ten longs and units.  Then, the students counted how much their initial was "worth".  They had a blast!

I found this great idea on another first grade blog- Crayon Bits!  She has wonderful ideas!

Our Specials Schedule

This is a schedule of our Specials classes.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately!