I like easy planning, do you?

Sad to say, but Christmas break is almost over. It has been glorious lounging in my pjs all day, staying up late, and enjoying all things non work related! And since I want to continue Netflix binging as long as I can, I need to get my lesson plans knocked out. I wanted to drop by real quick and share my plans for the first week back and show you what's making my planning easier. I like easy planning, do you??

Sooo, all things New Year's. I love the fresh start January holds. I love making lists and goals and trying my best to stick to them. Its always fun to talk goals and New Year's resolutions with 6 / 7 year olds. They usually have some pretty funny things that they wish to do better.

 I will start off my week with this book:

I absolutely adore all of Natasha Wing's books and have *almost* all of them.  This one is a great little read to jog their memory of what they did on New Year's Eve.  After reading, I will do a few pages from this UNIT!!

To get back into the school mode and wake our brains up, we will review some basic skills like story elements (characters, setting, problem, and solution) and retelling (beginning, middle, and end). This won't be all in one day but over a couple of days.  I have several assessments to give when we go back and these flip strips and response pages will be great independent work while still reinforcing those concepts.

If you are lucky enough to not be testing, you could also use these in small groups with those little ones who are struggling.  

Then... on to our experience with New Year's.  Did they get to stay up late? Did they fall asleep early like in the book? And making connections from the text to another time they wanted to stay up late.

And then... Goals! Resolutions! What do we want to do different? Try harder to do?

I also have included 2 station activities in this UNIT that could be done in small groups / whole group / or in Daily 5 / literacy stations. Here's a peak at one:

I will also be prepping my Winter Literacy Stations while I'm lounging today to make sure we are all set to go when we return.

Sooo... that's the gist of my first week back.  Are you finished planning? Here is a little freebie for you for stopping by!  

I hope you enjoyed your break, and that your 2016 is filled with joy and happiness!