I'm back... just in time for Christmas!!

Welp! Nothing like a little 3 year break from blogging! I think I'm ready to jump back in to this world and hopefully share a thing or two with you!

Tomorrow is the first day of the Christmas season in the classroom and I am *so* excited! I absolutely adore my class this year and can't wait to create as much magic in our room over the next three weeks as possible.  To start, I am planning a week long gingerbread unit using the printables from this unit!

Because we are starting the 2nd round of DRA assessments this week, (didn't we just finish the beginning of year assessments like last week?) I need things that are easy to plan and easy for my kiddos to work on independently.  I plan to put some of the response pages in stations and some will be independent seat work throughout the week.

I also included retelling cards which my kids love to have during Read to Someone! Just add The Gingerbread Man book and that's a pretty easy station the kids enjoy!

And.... a word work station.  My kids can always use a little extra practice with abc order!

And as a thanks for staying with me... even after 3 years of silence... I'll include a freebie! Just click the picture below! I hope you can use this in your classroom this year!

Hopefully it won't be 3 years before I'm back!! Enjoy every bit of your Christmas season! It'll be over before we know it!

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