Nature Center

Our district is lucky enough to have the Kirby Creek Natural Science Education Center.  Every year, each class is able to go spend half a day, and work on activities that tie in with our curriculum.  The Nature Center just got a HUGE makeover, and it is AWESOME! We had so much fun!  We went on a nature walk and used our senses to record what we saw, heard, smelled, and touched.  (I tried to limit the touching! ;-) ) We observed a pond and they illustrated what they saw in the pond.  We explored a huge garden and went on a hunt for vegetables and flowers that started with each letter of the alphabet.  We also discussed the butterfly life cycle and made a paper plate craft to show the different stages of the life cycle.  Overall, beautiful weather, well behaved kids, awesome place, we learned a few things, and nobody fell in the pond! Success!


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