First Graders ROCK!

I met with my new team today!  We had so much fun and got a TON done! Super Excited! I have spent hours and hours and hours this summer on blogs and Pinterest.  Oh my goodness.  Sooooo many ideas! This is one idea that I found on The Fickle Pickle and loved:

I made these today:
Not nearly as cute as the original, but I think it will be cute.  We are going to attach Pop Rocks candy and have it on their desks when they come on Supply Night.  Click on the one I made for a copy if you could use it!  This is my first attempt at uploading something from Google docs.  For some reason, it looks different when it comes up, but once you download it, it looks like mine above.  If I'm doing something wrong, let me know.  I'm still learning! =)

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